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Смотри в оба: Ирина Воронина фото видео — русская модель, которая родилась в советской глубинке и благодаря своей красоте, добилась признания на Западе. Девушка месяца журнала «Плейбой» за январь 2001 года. 

Ирина Воронина фото видео

Ирина Воронина голая

фото голой Ирины Ворониной

伊琳娜 Voronina

Ирина Воронина фото видео


Родилась в небольшом российском городе (19 декабря 1977 года, Дзержинск, Нижегородская области, Россия). Мечты стать моделью осуществились в 20 лет, после переезда девушки в Милан.
Карьера модели продолжилась в Америке. Ирина становится девушкой января 2001 года в Playboy.
После переезда в Лос-Анджелес с моделью работают известные фотографы — Тери Ричардсон, Мэтью Ролстон, Антуан Verglas, Лашапель.
В 2013 году Ирина была названа моделью года по версии Канди Magazine, основанием послужило самое большое число скачиваний фото Ирины на IPAD и iPhone.  

Снималась в Голливуде, на счету Ирины пара десятков ролей (33), самым успешным стал сериал «Красавцы» 2004 — 2011 годы (рейтинг 8.1). Ниже приведена «чёрная» комедия ужасов «Пираньи 3DD».


Ирина Воронина фото видео Ирина Воронина фото видео

Born in a small town in Russia, Irina always dreamed of becoming a model. At the age of 20 she moved to Milan to see if she could make her dreams come true. She was soon signed by an agency and started instantly booking print jobs and TV commercials. International modeling career brought Irina to the US, where she was introduced to Marylin Grabowski at Playboy Studio West.

 Soon after becoming Playboy’s Miss January 2001 she permanently relocated to Los Angeles, where her career continued to flourish. Irina got to work with world famous photographers such as Teri Richardson, Mathew Rolston, Antoine Verglas, David LaChapelle and many others. She landed numerous print campaigns, including Skyy Vodka, Miller Lite, Michelob Ultra, Bacardi, Sisley & Detour, to name a few.We have also seen Irina grace on the pages of numerous magazines : FHM, Maxim, Max (Italy), Ocean, Shape, 944, Knockout, Q (UK), People (Australia), and very recently on the covers of Kandy, Rukus and Browz magazine issues.

 In 2008 Irina was named a St Pauli Girl Beer spokes model and completed a 12 months long PR tour across the Unted States. She became first ever St Pauli Girl to ring NYSE closing bell representing Constellation Brands. St Pauli Girl expereince was a great media training for Irina and she soon felt very comfortable accepting hosting gigs. In 2011/12 Irina was the main host of Playboy Radio’s weekly show “Playmate Club” and interviewed hundreds of celebrities live on air.

Irina got her first big screen break in “Reno 911!: The movie”. Since then she booked many more comedy roles in TV and Film playing a funny foreign girl. It is quite unusual for someone with English as a second language to think quick on their feet and embrace improvisation comedy. Irina’s TV credits include series regular role in fully improvised sit-com “Svetlana” for HD Net, first ever live action show on Adult Swim Network “Saul of the Mole Men”. She also guest starred on Nikelodeon’s “iCarly” , had parts in feature films “Balls of Fury” , “Towelhead” &“Piranha 3DD”, to name a few.

In 2013 Irina was named Model Of the Year by Kandy Magazine based on the highest number of digital issue downloads on iPad and iPhone.Irina is still actively involved with Playboy magazine and is very proud to represent the the brand by making appearances in the iconic bunny costume.

Irina loves connecting with her fans and stays very active across all social media outlets, which lead to some recent marketing endorsements. As of recent Irina passed 2 million fans mark on her Facebook fan page; her Twitter & Instagram fan following is constantly growing as well. While staying busy with acting and modeling, Irina has a great passion for helping animals and would be very happy to represent an Animal Charity Organization if such opportunity presents.

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Пираньи 3DD  2012

Piranha 3DD

Жанр: ужасы, чёрная комедия.
Режиссер: Джон Гулагер.
В ролях: Даниэль Панабэйкер, Мэтт Буш, Дэвид Кокнер, Ирина Воронина…

рейтинг < 7.0

Сиквел фильма «Пираньи 3D» 2010 года, в котором мерзкие твари попадают в водопроводную систему…

Erotic Video Art